June 7, 2010
By lespsa BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
lespsa BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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"smile, if not because you're happy, at least to make people wonder."

Open your eyes, each breath you take could be your last. You should be attempting the impossible, not being the impossible. $3.50 wasted everyday or every other day is impossible. You're risking your health with every breath of this dumb stress reliever, you're impossible. While you do this, it's impossible to protect the ones around you, us. You're being impossible!

What's more impossible? Being happy when you say you're done. Your car still smells of that odor that's impossible to forget. Your clothes are stained with the smell of them. Where you keep your stress reliever, I may never know, but it's impossible to forget they're there.

Why I might ask, until I remember it's impossible for me to understand something like taht. I can't seem to understand why you want us to go through what you dealt with. Both your parents died from lung cancer. You lost your dad and mom when you were younger than I am now. At my age, you were an orphan. You lived with your sistersuntil you could live by yourself. You said you hated it.

Why would you want your kids to have no mom? Why would you want your husband to lose his wife? Why would you want to be in pain, suffer, and die from a dumb stress reliever? Every breath you take could be your last, mom. So attempt the impossible, quit smoking. Quit being impossible and just be happy.

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