I Don't Want To Let You Go

June 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I Don’t Want to LET YOU Go

I was taken from my family.
My heart was taken and has been cut up into pieces.
spit on and placed in the flames of betrayal and anxiety.
Betrayal from the enemy who kicked us out
and the anxiety rushing through my raged blood crying to go back.
Since I was a girl in the year of 2003 I was at my home.
And not so long ago I was taken from the place I called my life.
My everything I needed and now it’s gone.
I had elders to look upon
This beautiful bond that no one could break
but now its broken.
They taught me all I had to know.
Helping me with my troubles in life…
I had my friends that I called my brothers and sisters.
It was like watching the ducks in the pond.
We were always together.
I had the happiness planted within my soul.
I could freely praise the Lord with no ignorant faces looking at me.
I was never judged.
I had all my soul desired and now it’s gone
in the cold living wind.

I will always have GOD.

I will always have my friends
but this emptiness in my heart will never go away
until the day I have my home back.
This pain digs deeper into my flesh everyday I awake.
I have a smile on my pretty face
but it’s really a smile to try to hide my pain.
I don’t want to live like this

Please I’m
begging you… Take me back to my home.

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