The Beach Day

June 7, 2010
By sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
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fog drifts across a lovely city with dusty clouds making the sun dim,
it’s even more lovely with some friends surrounding – my twin, the free spirit, the creative one,
we walk a trail and we breathe in the fresh air,
staring at vast hills and mistaking dogs for grazing cows,
we drag along our yellow, round inflatable buddies with us,
we find a place to set upon the rough concrete,
staring down those mysterious bicyclists and those adorable children on their way,
the ridiculous things we say leave them in utter confusion,
most of them chuckle and just move along,
we walk around a bit and see a motel,
we’re found playing on the elevators and running around,
an old woman discovers us exploring and we flee,
we continue our adventure and something happens to one of our yellow friends,
the creative one accidentally messed up our yellow friends mask,
i’m dying for some tea so my twin takes us to a café,
earl grey tea with honey and milk streams down my dry throat,
we notice there is an upstairs in the café so we go to the top,
at the top we regard at books and old fashion and home magazines,
we leave the café with torn magazine pages and smiles on our faces,
heading toward the beach we block cars from getting to and from,
a petite, green car passes and a boy raises his eyebrow to us,
we have a feeling on the inside that we’re being stalked,
so we go across a small river by skipping along rocks to a bear hole,
but no matter where we went - he’d appear yet again,
we finally lose him and find ourselves at a bench,
our thoughts flow in different directions thinking of what to do,
the creative one writes a long, fake letter expressing a need for love,
while she does that, the free spirit plays with our leftover yellow buddy,
when the letter is finished we have no clue where to put it so we hold on to it,
we go to the other side of the beach and we find a motel with an empty soda machine room,
we use pounds and pounds of purple chap stick to paste the letter on the soda machine wall,
we hope someone eventually finds it and reads the letter,
we rest on a log on the wet, sandy shore,
the ocean breeze calls us in so his wave can catch us,
we come in a bit closer and gather bits and pieces so the free spirit can make an ocean sushi,
our adventure is soon to come to an end,
we unravel our little yellow buddy and watch her drift off into the sky like my thoughts,
we give our long hugs and exchange of words and we depart,
a light gust of wind passes by our area and engraves a memory into the sand floor,
these friends are worth more than the sun and the moon – even more than the clouds
fog drifts across a lovely city with dusty clouds making the sun dim,
and I suddenly wish we can do this all over again.

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