June 6, 2010
By Quinney GOLD, Rantoul, Illinois
Quinney GOLD, Rantoul, Illinois
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Paths of tears trace a way down her face
Once again they have hurt the fragile being
No remorse as they pick her slowly apart
Day after day it is the same routine
Simply stated, she is different
They can see it--the reason they punish
Name calling, fighting, utter humiliation
Leave their little scars on such a tender heart
A minute does not pass when it doesn't show
Pain is written on those lovely features
To deal with life, her refuge has become pain
Inflicting it herself, she is now in control
The scars once hidden in her soul
Now visible across a once unblemished body
The words of hate spoken everyday
Still haunt her waking dreams
Plagued by doubt, belief is inevitable
Hearing everyday the dislike in those voices
She accepts all that they have to say

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