What do you see in me?

June 6, 2010
By Wilberthe Simeon BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Wilberthe Simeon BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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What do you see in me?
Do you see a child in me?
Do you see someone who cannot be?

No, that’s not me.
I am someone who can and will be.
Someone who will succeed in everything I do.
I don’t want to be a puppet.
Two hands and legs tied to strings,
Toyed with as the world takes advantage of me.
No, I want to be free.
Free to do what I want.
Onstage as the spotlight shines on me.
And who is singing this song?
No one but me.

Showing you what I can do isn’t easy.
I have to keep my head up high.
The struggles I keep on overtaking makes me.
I grow stronger, sure of myself.
Every last breath is full of wisdom.
Hoping that each and every step will grow closer.
Closer to what?
Obtaining the truth.
The truth that is hidden inside me.
A perplex place of a secret ambition,
To grow mature, to become what I am.
To make me, to work hard as I go through life.
To understand what is lurking in the depths of my heart.

What do you see in me?
A grown woman
A woman who will be me and not what you want me to be.

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