Summer Night

June 12, 2010
Its one of those nights, where the hostile clouds are trying to cover up the stars. Even the thunder coming from the unreal abyss won't let me dream tonight and the fog won't grant me hope for tomorrow.

Lately it seems like only the frieflies can keep me company for a second before they abandon me for our personal game of hide and seek. For once I want to be the one to hide with the dream that someone will come looking for me.

Even during the cryptic night the dew still manges to reflect the stars like the clouds aren't there and sky is a giant mirror. I wish it was so I could lay in the grass and feel like the world can see me so I can smile.

The worst parts about these summer night's is the fact your not here with me. My phone's vibrating next to me and I don't even want to touch it why open scars that tell me your not here.

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