No Limit

June 12, 2010
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How is the sky the limit?
The sky can be hard to see
It can keep you from chasing your dreams
Never say never, we talk about,
Everything we want, but it’s sealed off by doubt
The seal can be broken,
Talent is a token,
It should never be ignored

People are filled with jealousy,
They are too blind to see,
They don’t know what they want to be,

They want to know,
So they go to great lengths,
To show their worth

Do what makes you happy,
Follow your heart,
Sometimes you don’t know where you’re headed
Right from the start

Getting there is half the fun
It shapes who we will become

There is no end to learning,
You learn more everyday
You find there are things not wise to say,

There is no limit to what your life could be,
The past is a compilation of what you used to be
Who you will be tomorrow, will be different from today
When I can finally be true to myself
Then, I’ll be okay

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