Feels Like I'm In A Dream

June 12, 2010
By Kaileybug SILVER, Roseburg, Oregon
Kaileybug SILVER, Roseburg, Oregon
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Tears of joy, Tears of pain
How we all stand in the rain,
Bow our heads, raise our hands,
We’re all looking for a promised land
Why do I do the things I do, I don’t know when I’m with you

I could stand, I could fall
Look like a fool in front of them all
The way you smile sends chills all the way to my lips
I like the way you linger near my fingertips
Your hand in mine, we danced away
Half the night, half the day
Then you said you couldn’t stay,
So I told you to just go away
Why you led me on, I haven’t a clue
All I know is that I’m blue
Because I can’t stay with you.

The author's comments:
Sometimes I feel like if a guy were to sweep me off my feet we would fall in love just like that, and everything would be like a fairytale, i'm learning over time that is almost never the case, but i should never say never...

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