June 12, 2010
By bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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Start my day hoping,
Maybe this time it’ll be different.
Eat breakfast quickly,
Get dressed A.S.A.P.,
In the back of my mind
I know nothing’s changed.
Still, I go to the same scene.
The familiar trains blare in warning of their arrival
Mr. Tall Man with Wrongly Buttoned Suit passes at 8:15
Yells to the 3 children that they’re going to be late
Nervous Preteen struggles though the crowd, usually 2 minutes later
Another train will pass in 20 seconds, adding to the confusion
Me? I sit in the spot, that’s practically mine
And again I’m ready to wait
Fore the two-hundred-ninety-eighth time
The first part passes quickly
(I don’t expect you so soon)
But after a while
I look side to side
Turn around frequently
Maybe you didn’t see me?
“Anxious” is putting it lightly
Each set of footsteps
Makes me jump with hope
Only to end in disappointment
And after hours of searching every way possible
The time’s now over and I have to go
As I left… was that you?
Did you just arrive?
Didn’t you pass me earlier?
You seemed fine
Probably just missed me

Another day starting
I’m back here again
The 299th time
The hopeless part of my day
Back to my bench
Still hoping,
And you don’t even know that I’m waiting.

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