Pure Bliss

June 6, 2010
By zobo929 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
zobo929 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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"If you feel like a mouse in a pack of ostriches call your mom because you no she will say she loves you"
-Zoie Williams

I shall lay down now, upon my striped towel,
and admire the bright blue sky as i bathe in the glow of the sun.

With my toes in the sand, I breathe in,
then out again, istening to the soothing splash of the gentle waves.

The waves are therapists.
soothing my worries away.

Peace surrounds my body slowly comforting me,
for i have come from the city streets to this quiet place.

The sun's rays beam, warming the precious
ground beneath me, coming here fills me with pure bliss.

The sun is like breakfast in bed.
It fills me with joy.

I grab my striped towel I shall leave now,
leaving the gentle waves and the warm sand.

I glance back now, leaving the sun's rays fills me with sorrow,
I shall go now to the noisy, obnoxious city.

My tears taste like the salty ocean
that i have left behind

The author's comments:
William Butler Yeats inspired me to write this piece because i thought his piece was so beautiful. I mixed in my feelings that i actually have about the beach. The other reason why I wrote this piece is because i love the beach and it is the place i go to relax and just forget everything. I hope that people see my passion to write poetry and see my feelings when the read my piece. I also hope that they will be able to see the things i see through my piece.

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