Imaginary Man

June 6, 2010
By SagaLiSela PLATINUM, Boonsboro, Maryland
SagaLiSela PLATINUM, Boonsboro, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you."

Simple as that.

Or not that simple.

It was always confusing, almost fun and mostly terrifying.

It reminded me of when I was younger,

just a child dancing in the dirt and stones

of my very own country road.

I paid no attention to a darkening sky

only to my feet moving offbeat.

but, my song was interrupted

in the distance a great engine roared,

as if reestablishing industrialization.

I ran out of the road as the roar drew closer.

But no metal beast came tearing down the road

And then it hit me.

A cold, drenching, realization.

I was alone.

The roar was the sound of rain from

(What seemed at the time)

Very far away.

An unexpected downpour drenched my clothes

and caused me to shiver

As I stumbled through the mud all the way home.

A few years passed
And I found myself in the rain again.

This time I was waiting for someone.

Like before, I came to a realization...

This time it came slowly upon me.

It made my feet itch, my hands shake, and my stomach flip.

This time my eyes became clouds

And they rained upon the earth.

Again, I was alone.

It was disappointing.

but in the rain

I found myself

dancing with my imagination
It was liberating.

So began a relationship

Between myself and My imagination

He did all the thinking.

I did all the talking

Always Talking to him

to my imagination

to myself.
It was heart breaking

it hurt

when I was alone

Just me and my imagination

I cried for him.

He never cried for me.
I sang to him.

He told me his thoughts.

I could never be away from him.

My Imaginary Man.

So when voices whispered to me in my dreams,

(the only time I was without him),

And told me "Leave him,"
I said:


I'll give up on chasing my

Imaginary Man.

It's time for him to leave town, anyway."

That night the voices from my dream took him away.

I was free of him.

Free to find a real man.

(If such a thing Exists)

Free to be alone.

But no man will ever live up to my Imaginary Man.

The author's comments:
Yeah. True Story.
Well true in my own mad way.

One of THOSE poems.
And by THOSE, I mean, it's one I wrote without much thought.
Now that I reread it, I think it's Lame.
So yeah.
It's about falling in love with a figment of the imagination.

Yep. Lame.

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