The Strats

June 6, 2010
By BunnyBoy26 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
BunnyBoy26 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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On a tiny island off the coast,
There are these people called strats,
There’s only one problem with their village,
It’s awfully full of gnats!

These strats live on an island,
How they wish they could cross the sea,
‘Cause at the mainland village,
Is said a better place to be.

One day, at the strats’ town meeting,
They yell, “Oh, we’ve got to get away!”
For their very peace-loving island,
Has gnats that won’t obey!

They decided to build a boat,
That would separate them and the gnats,
But there was only one jumbo problem,
Yes, a problem for the strats.

“This simply won’t do! This simply won’t do!”
Yelled all of the angry ladies.
“We will not fit! We will not fit!
And we’re not going to leave our babies!”

“So we’ll just go a few at a time,
And one will drive there and back!”
And with all of this to and fro motion,
They manage to get there intact.

But they let their hopes go flying,
When they listened to all the lying strats,
Because instead of those bugs buzzin’ ‘round,
There seemed to be blood-sucking bats!

As they started to think which one’s worse,
One child had a great mind,
“We’ll get those bats to eat all those gnats,
And then we’ll all be just fine!”

“But that won’t work, that won’t work,
For the village of strats.
It’ll be great to kill all the vermin,
But what about the bats?”

“Well, there are many caves on the island,
And much strat stuff here,
We’ll do the great big switcharoo,
And then we’ll have no fear!”

So every teeny strat,
From the bug infested place,
Went out to find a bat,
One step closer to their grace.

Once all of the bats were captured,
And shipped away from thee,
They all were quite excited,
And shouted out with glee!

Now all of the strats were so joyful,
They sang out in caprice,
They got rid of the dangers,
And now they live in peace.

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on Jul. 21 2010 at 8:41 am
writer62 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
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nice job! I really liked it!

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