accused unfaithful

June 6, 2010
By xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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"life will only controll youh if youh let it"

The eyes that stair me down every weekend hold the vision of our future together.
His words become my modivation to hold onto us forever.
my hands felt bare for too long and he graspd them once more, to be accused unfaithful makes me lose reason to hold on anymore.
theres let downs in life passed on by ups to hold all hoped high, accused unfaithful after all the things ive been through, part of him was not the only thing that died.
he will never comprehend just how happy, loveing and greatful i am, his insecureties verbaly beat me up everytime we fight about things like this tought accused unfaithful it could never match up to who i am.

The author's comments:
so0o yesterdayy june 5th 2010 i was walking around all afternoon with 3 friends josh, lee, and keith. somone called my boyfriend and told him i was cheating but i can give a play by play of my whole day i swear on my life i didnt. i shouldnt have to prove myelf regaurdless of what he hears because we are a couple and he should trust and know me better than to think of me as possibly being a cheater.

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