Security Blanket

June 6, 2010
By AliceWonderland BRONZE, Palmer Lake, Colorado
AliceWonderland BRONZE, Palmer Lake, Colorado
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i wake up at 6:00am
and can't use my security blanket till 7
i get to school and reach for my security blanket to find someone to talk to
replys never come fast enough
its time to go to class
and my mama said im not allowed to use my security blanket then or i'll get it taken away
i shrug my head and say 'ok'
my teachers say 'put it away
but i think 'no way'
there is no way they'll take my security blanket away
what if i need to call for help, and can't, what am i supposed to do?
you say we're safe in school
but we know thats not true
i see it with my own eyes
marijuana being passed from left to right
and you hear it on the news every night, about how one student went in
and two left seeing the light
So excuse me for wanting my phone on me at all times
excuse me for not wanting to let go of my security blanket

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