The Cure for a Puzzle

May 27, 2010
By Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
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My baby.
My love.
My girl.
I see your eyes reflect my face as I stare into yours.
Slowly a sweet smile begins to grow on our faces as we begin to get lost within each other.
Please baby, never leave my side.
Stay here with me for the rest of time and press your soft lips on mine.
Look into my eyes.
Can you see straight into my heart?
It beats and lives only because of you.
My love, you are what keeps me alive.
Your beautiful face sends relief throughout my mind.
Your kind and gentle voice ensues peace unto my heart.
Baby, you are the force that drives my feet to keep moving.
Without you I would fall apart into pieces that couldn’t be put back together.
So please, never leave me.
You have solved the unsolvable puzzle.
With its pieces put into place they form a picture of my heart.
Marvel at this image, for it is now yours to keep.
Hold it close, keep it warm and love it purely.
My beautiful girl, you have accomplished the impossible: you’ve made me feel safe within your arms.
Never take my love for granted, because it’s taken too long for me to learn how to.
Use my eyes as open doors and step through them into my mind.
Dodge the thoughts that fly around so swiftly.
They are all racing because of you.
Ricocheting, flying and flipping these thoughts run wild in my head.
Then suddenly they stop.
As I open my eyes I see what caused them to halt: your sweet soft eyes closed as you kiss me so gently.
The press of your lips ceased my rapid thoughts and calmed my constantly racing mind.
Baby, hold me close once more.
Please let me feel your soothing heartbeat again.
Lay me down.
Come lay with me.
Keep me safe while I sleep.
And chase off any pain that tries to visit me in my dreams.

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