The little girl in my heart

June 10, 2010
Once upon a time there was a person that i knew, she lives inside of me and she lives inside of you. It's that special glow inside of you like your in the shade of sun. It's the feel of wind around you as you jump and twirl and run.It's the only part in you that can't help but show your one and only true heart.We raced around the yard and had tea every day. My best friend always knew the exact right thing to say. And when i was sad she was the only one who could help my heart to mend. she is what most people would call an imaginary friend. and as i grew older she lingered far away, i didnt think much of it, i just figured i was too old to play. My path through life was frightful and lonely and in my head,an image of her was the only thing i could see. why couldn't i just feel the fun we'd had every day, then all my worries would seem to float away. I waited for her but she never came and every day seemed to be the same. Then one dark night on my death bed i waited and into the darkness i faded. i was traveling very far, i was traveling very fast and the emptiness of space seemed so vast.But then i saw her face and saw her hair and suddenley i knew...i was there.

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