Adrenalin Rush

June 10, 2010
Adrenalin rushes
are what i live off of.
Good thing
I get them a lot.

He takes both of my hands
leans in
and kisses me.
Adrenalin rush.

She hits the ball
right to me, in Left Field.
I catch it, right in my glove.
Adrenalin rush.

I'm up to bat,
I hit it.
right to left.
Home run.
Adrenalin rush.

The intense last moments
until my fate in Middle School
is sealed.
My boyfriend, three best friends, and I
are still together.
Adrenalin rush.

Grad class
of 2010
Washburn School.
They announce my name,
i go up, and get my diploma.
Adrenalin rush.

He said "I love you"
and I said it back.
Adrenalin rush.

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