American Soldier

June 10, 2010
By Kacey.Reighn BRONZE, Crescent City, California
Kacey.Reighn BRONZE, Crescent City, California
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I step out onto unfamiliar ground

I'm frightened because the enemys all around

I think of the life I left behind

And it takes all that I have not to cry

I did this all for you

I could lose everything, but I still hold true

Yet you stand there with your signs

Shouting and cursing while I'm dying across enemy lines

My country has forsaken me

While the smoke and dust make it so that I can hardly see

I only ask you for respect or even just a little prayer

While the bullets are cutting through our every layer

So next time you think you know what it's like

Try being a soldier fighting for those who curse you in the dead of night

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