June 9, 2010
By saymaetay BRONZE, New Pregue, Minnesota
saymaetay BRONZE, New Pregue, Minnesota
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live while you have the time dont blink try not to be the old perosn in you death bed wishing you had just done alittle more....

please... anyone that can hear my screams. Don't ley me get trapped in a lifeless voice with no song Where everything is blank, and I don't matter to anyone not too him, her... where I wont even matter to myself. It's a breathless way to say: you don't exist, you can't survive you're a dented image in a cracked mirror...
I wish to live in a fairy tail where even a scream can be heard by the faintest whisper where nothing can take away a smile of a young child....
don't let me silence over laughter depression over love, or him over a sister.....
like a first kiss on a moon light walk, stroming through the horse pasture...let me close my eyes and savor the moment
but don't let my heart be broken like the soil under my feet...

The author's comments:
my english teacher inspired me to write this (Mrs. Dehil)
sometimes we wish to be somewhere else in life like in books or movies but we have to face real life so draw/write your own world and picture it everyday.

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