blinding love

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

He told me that he loved me and we'd be together still
He told me I was beautiful and that it was gods will
I had silly dreams of him marrying me and me being his wife]
I never thought to think of things
I never thought to think of things
I never thought that I
Would be sorry I met him or anything he did
I did not head the warning of my rue beloved friends
And on that perfect starry night
I gave myself over to him without a fight
And afterwards it felt so right
But then I started getting sick
Worrying all my family and friends
Wondering who'd he slept with before me than
My blood ran cold and I couldn't see
When the doctor said "miss you have H.I.V"
I felt so wrong I couldn't admit
That he could give me something as horrible as this
I went to him and asked him why?
I just walked out without a reply
Then I thought why me
I didn't deserve H.I.V
I was so stupid and blind
I didn't even take the time
To find out the risks
And now my life has come to this
The years went by and I got worse
Everything in my body hurt
That's when I decided to say
Others should learn the risk of sex today
You might be blind and in love
But speak up
I wish I would of
So beware the risks
Make and example of me
Because now I'm being lowered into my grave from H.I.V

The author's comments:
wrote about the dangers of some who think their in love

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