The Lone Bridge

June 9, 2010
By WanderingWords SILVER, Bolton, Massachusetts
WanderingWords SILVER, Bolton, Massachusetts
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Sometimes the wrong thing
At the wrong time
Can hurt
But there’s a
Haven of hope
A way to fix things
But it’s like putting
A deer in the headlights
People don’t see strait
Their minds cloud
And it’s all another’s fault
In reality
What if there was no one to blame
After all bad timings
Are accidents
And it may not
Have been physical or literal
Not set in stone
No one stops to think
‘What if they’re hurting or breaking?
Down. What if something happened? Or they were reminded of something bad.’
Somehow the selfish demon
That sits in our eyes
Sees that
Stone coming
And dodging things
That comes their way
Isn’t as easy as the
That one bridge that leads
Across the lake
When the gun fires
They neither stop to think because logically to their eyes
It’s what to do
Maybe their across the bridge
And it’s safe to stop
It could be that they don’t remember that run
But it’s been made and the
The prize placed in a place of honor
What If it were me
On the shore
Waiting for the ears of the
Eyes to open up
I would wait with
No understanding
And my heart torn apart
And in front of me
That the last piece
Of my heart
Is on the bracelet
Of the eyes
As I turn around
I feel the eyes on me
They don’t know what to do
I feel the acid building up in my mouth
But I just keep walking
They’ve crossed the bridge
But I don’t
I know yet
If I let them come home

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