What I Live For

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I live for you
I live for me
I live to feel
I live to see

Your the one
The only one,
When I'm in the dark
Your my only sun

You know who I am
You know who I will be
When you look at me
You not only read me, but see

You saw me when I was
Invisible, as if I was thin air
And now your soft voice and
Glistening arms around me, I can't bare

You loved me when I
Was a nobody, when I was so shy
When you say you love me
I break down and cry

I ask, "Why me?" each New Moon
And Breaking Dawn
But no matter how much I ask,
I still feel a bond

You protect me and care
For me with great force
You will always be my knight in
Shining armor with his white horse

My heart's passion,
It's glistening fire
Your the one I live for,
My ONLY heart's desire

The author's comments:
This piece was based on the movie Twilight (on Bella and Edwards relationship) but can realate to this world as well.

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