Home at Last

June 9, 2010
The sun shines through the small openings inbetween the leaves of the oak I am under.
The shade is interupted by small splotches of the bright light.

I wait for you in peaceful silence. It wont be long now. I hear the crunch of leaves, and turn to see you behind me.

It has been so long sice I last saw you, all I can do is stare. All that you can do is stand there.

Your hair is shaved short and you still wearing your uniform. I wonder if you have grown tired of beige?

Your eyes hold their circles, they didnt before?
You've seen things you didnt want to...thats for sure.

Your shoulders used to be broad, now you slouch.
You have returned from war a different man.

I stand very slowly,my eyes locked with yours. Then I get up and throw myself into your arms.

I can feel your tears, and I can feel mine. Your home at last!
We will cure your wounds...

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