Late Night Texting

June 9, 2010
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My mother says goodnight
and shuts my light off as she
slowly shuts my door

Its time.

I roll on my side and

pull out my cellular device

from under my covers

Hey wtsup?

My fingers, almost a
blur, brush across my
phone’s keyboard

Nm just layin in bed…

I glance a the clock
to see what time it is

OMG! No way!!!

I keep texting, until
I hear footsteps

I freeze.

gtg sry bi

Slowly I roll onto my
stomach, making sure I
am silent

I shove my phone under
my pillow

My dad creaks open my door.
I’m holding my breath in
the process

It feels like forever when he
finally closes the door and
walks away

I take out my phone and
as if déjà vu

Hey sry dad came in my room ugh parents….lol

I re-enter the Late Night
Texting World

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