The Waterfall

June 9, 2010
By JessicaAnne SILVER, Los Angeles, California
JessicaAnne SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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I don’t really understand you yet.
I’m not sure whether I should talk to you or
Pretend that you are not here.
It’s just that you scare me sometimes.
I can’t figure you out.
I mean-
Don’t get me wrong,
I think you’re a gift.
But you know that already.
Everyone says that to you.
But do they say that you are magic?
Do people tell you about how you are
Like a lagoon of sleepy teal and crystal aqua,
Reflecting glistening silver?
Like melted chrome.

You make me think about what I’m doing with my life.
You make me think what is life?
I want you to help me with that question.
After all,
You two work in tandem.

And your water seems to be
Pouring in my ears.
I don’t know what this means but
I feel the opposite
Of cleansed.
Because it’s pushing on my brain I think
It is putting too much pressure on
The veins and arteries,
Circulating my blood within
Their small volume.
And now I’m here.
And now I’m drowning although the
Water is only in my ears.
Feels like you are overtaking my whole form in
A torrent of icy waves.
Crisp rods of that
Liquid Bomb.
Cascade of dreams abandoned

The author's comments:
This is a poem about Time.

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