Broken glass

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

it's fragile...
Like me.
I used to be tough as nails,
but that was before I fell in love with you.
We were madly in love with each other,
I gave you my heart and told you not to break it.
But you did.
My heart is now a pile of shattered, broken glass on the floor of fate.
Apparently you were tired of my drama,
and you broke up with me because of it.
It isnt my fault that bruises cover my face and body.
It isnt my fault my father has a short temper.
I thought you were here for me, you were the only person I could trust.
You are.
You broke with a note you didnt even write, you best friend did.
Where is your guts?!
Why cant you do it in person?!
You didnt want to see the hurt and tears in my eyes?!
Well no matter what the hurt will be always embedded in them.
My eyes.
You dont wana be friends?!
Fine, act like a total jerk.
But you know what Alex R.?!
I will always have a place in my broken heart for you...
Labeled under "First Boyfriend".
No matter what i will always love you.
It is fragile...
Broken glass...
that is me. :(

The author's comments:
First loves are the hardest to get over.

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