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My Reflection

June 9, 2010
By qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
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This is not how I wanted this to end
For you and me
To become the next fading memory

Wishing that this realization was not true
To open my eyes and to find out you weren’t looking in front of you

Seeing this was not meant to be
That this was all a trick
What a fool of me
To finally fall for a guy that seemed so right for me

I stare down at my feet
Just wishing this didn’t have to end in such defeat

Even though you broke my heart, my heart still belongs to you
Why you?
You took it like it was nothing, pretending to hold it close
To say it was you’re everything
Everything you ever wanted
Saying I was a fallen angel from above
A little slice of heaven full of love

I cannot wait around to see if you truly do love me
I must move on and see what could be

This not what I wanted
I wanted us to last forever
But it was no mistake
That this all ended in such heart break

Instead you strung me along
Played me like a guitar
Making me stand there while you knew this wouldn’t go that far

I am done with your games
There are no cards left to play
I am done with what you want
It is my time to shine
Standing up and be proud of myself and what I could truly be
To look in the mirror and not see a reflection of you standing next to me…

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heart break

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