Why Can't Everyone Be Like You?

June 9, 2010
By charliemj16 BRONZE, Melrose, Minnesota
charliemj16 BRONZE, Melrose, Minnesota
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Two things are infinite: the universe, and human stupidity; though I'm not quite sure about the latter. :)

--Albert Einstein--

Why can't everyone be like you?

Why do people have to lie,

When the truth is right on the tip of their tongue?
If they don't get what they want,

They fight for it.

They lie for it.

They destroy for it.

They kill for it.
Why can't people work for a living?

Why do people have to cheat,

When the rules are clear as day?
If they don't win what they want,

They bribe for it.

They disguise for it.

They keep secrets for it.
Why can't people love each other?

Why do they have to fight,

When they're only hurting themselves?
If people aren't what they want them to be,

They discriminate against them.

They hate them.

They start wars against them.

They find every flaw in them.
Why can't everyone see the good in things?

Why do they find the bad,

When they're clearly overrun by the good?
If something isn't perfect,

They want to fix what doesn't need fixing.

They want to unravel the tiny tear of thread.

They want to make it wrong.
Why can't everyone be like you?

Why do people have to whisper,

When they could speak loud and clear?
If someone feels out of place,

They hide.

They mask themselves.

They don't speak from the heart.

They lie to themselves.
Why can't we respect each other?

Why do we have to stare,

When we feel stares of our own?
If someone doesn't respect others,

They're the ones who laugh.

They're the ones who drag us down.

They're the ones who have no self-worth.
Why can't life be perfect?
Because we live in a world of freedom.

Because everyone has choices, and not all choices are good.

The author's comments:
One person who wants to make a good difference in this world is a drop in the ever-growing bucket.

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