How can Smile When MY heart is Aching

June 9, 2010
By TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
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How can i smile when my heart is painfully aching?

How can you can expect me to smile, when my heart is seemingly breaking

My friends all say that when the sky is blue and the clouds are white that I'll get by,

But I barley believe them, because the pain of losing you is so great.

That I dare not to live another day without you

I'm your Romeo and you'r my Juliet,

Like star crossed lovers in the night

Where like bonnie and Clyde, forever tied, forever bound.

My friends all say that if I smile through the pain and sorrow of losing you

That maybe i have a better understanding of what we really had tomorrow

But what they fail to understand, is that i don't want there to be a tomorrow,

If I'm not with you

They all wish me to light up my face with false imitations of gladness

And to hide every trace of my sadness

They all tell me that even though my tears are near

That's the time to keep on trying

Because what's the use in crying

But once again i ask you how can I smile my heart is aching

How can i smile when my heart is breaking?

Every second, every minute, every hour, I spend away from you

I wish you were here in my arms

Because what's the use in smiling if I'm not with you

The author's comments:
i've always loved Nat King Cole, and his song called Smile. one day i was doing my home work when thwe song came one on the radio. and thats when it hit me why not write a poem in honor of both Nat King Cole and the song in which i love.

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