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June 3, 2010
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Somehow I had to get my creative energy out
Didn't want to scream, didn't want to shout
So instead I picked up this old pen
To try and crank out some rhymes again
You're a rainbow, curving bright
The one I wanna come home to at night
Someone to have and to hold
My own loving pot of gold
So interlace your hand with mine
Let our fingers link for all time
I could sit on our porch all day with you
Watch the clouds slip by through the blue
We gotta get up, go to work, but why?
Let's just lounge and let the days go by
The truth is I'm scared, little, small
I need a safety net in case I fall
We never know what we'll become
And to me that's very worrisome
But even if my fears subside
I'll be glad to have you by my side.

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