you smile up at me (little sister)

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

little sister you
stand shorter than me
yet you smile up at me

you scraped your knee
and it still bleeds
yet you smile up at me

little sister
you whisper secrets
in the dark before we sleep

you trust me to protect
you from the dangers
of the darkened night

little sister
you sit beside me
and color along

in the lines
out of the lines?
to us there are no boundries

little sister
you dance beside me
as we walk down the

street, why would we
care what they say?
they wish they could sing along

little sister
we skip along
hand in hand

ready to face the world
just relaxing, listening
to music, talking

little sister
you make me smile
you make me laugh

you can act seven years
your age you can act
seven years less

little sister
be my guest
you already passed

life's hardest test
to smile in the face
of everything

little sister
you're crazy
to act like that

so i must be crazy
too, for sometimes
i act just like you

little sister
i tell you my
secrets, you listen

and respond.
you are my venterator
and i yours

little sister
some bonds
of friendship
can break over time

but some, the strong
ones can not
you are my best friend

little sister
you smile up at me
i smile down at you

two young girls
dancing down the street
singing at the top of our lungs

The author's comments:
i am really close with my little sister. we have a great relationship, and i wanted to write a poem for her.

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