June 3, 2010
By xXRogueXx BRONZE, Santee, California
xXRogueXx BRONZE, Santee, California
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Such a wondrous sight I see,
Wishing you were here with me.

I breathe in the scented air,
Joyfully, contentedly.
Slow sweet notes flow through my mind -
Surrounding me, caressing me.

The band starts up at the director's cue,
Their leader with a gentle hand.
The lights all brightly glow, my dear,
I wish you hadn't stayed behind.

A smile growls upon my lips,
What a lovely sight I see!
Around they spin in a celestial waltz:
Lovers dancing gracefully.

The scene around me dims, my sweet,
And I am growing weary.
I look around and see, my love,
Faces no longer bright and cheery.

A smile is forced upon my lips.
Its what they want to see.
Around they whirl in a frightful march:
Fakers grinning spitefully.

The director's hand cuts through the air,
A general and his hellish band.
The lights no longer glow, my dear,
And they instead begin to blind.

I gasp in a strangled breath,
Fearfully, frantically.
Dissonant chants dash through my mind -
Stifling me, choking me.

Such a wondrous horror I see,
Wishing you were here by me.

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