note to self

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Note to self

When you think about doing something
Ask yourself is it right.
Think before you do
Note to self
If there is a boy or girl out their that you like
Ask yourself is he or her right for you will he treat you
Like you are supposed to be treated
Or will bring you down and make you feel less of yourself.
Like Heidi and Spence of the Hills.
Note to self
When you feel like everything is going to be okay
Or you see yourself going down the wrong path
Maybe you should ask yourself who you chose as your friends
And think about it hard are they worth it have they been their for me through out thick and thin.
Note to self
Its time to let go of things
And maybe the reason why things have happened
Is because of what you do when you’re around your friends
Or what they make you do.

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