Bryons Poetry

June 9, 2010
By FlashPlaya BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
FlashPlaya BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
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I play all day
The best sport I can play
For football is the game of inches
And it takes away all your itches.
You pinch and fight for the ball in sight
Hit hard and loud all day and night
And still you fight to stay alive
Because you thrive
To be the best you can be
And still you see
All the great intensity
See all three defenders gee
I better run I better fight for the first down close in sight
Strive for a touchdown with all your might.
Everyday into the night
Then wake up and continue the fight

Luck rhymes with duck
And buck and truck
Just a word you say
But it is how I play
Luck its when preparation meats opportunity
Trust me just watch and see
Smile with glee as you will see
My team and me
win all throughout eternity

The Crowd
Click clack are the cleats hitting the ground
Crash smash are the pads hitting with a pound
But there is still no better sound
Then the Crowd

The clock
Tick tock
Sounds the clock
In the back of my head
I feel like I’m dead
At the end of the night
And still I fight
Cause I have to keep going
Hunter has to keep throwing
Sasha’s got to block
And we all have to talk
But most of all we need to watch the clock
Pride isn’t like the tide
It doesn’t come and go
It stays with you like a flow
And this is what I know
Because my team and me
Were the best you’ll ever see

The author's comments:
I love to write poetry and this is just some random poems that I made.

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