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June 9, 2010
By pollorambo GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
pollorambo GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
there is a difference between knowledge & Intelligents

Name:Miguel(means messenger of god)
Angel(means i am sent from heaven)
Rosales(means rosebush in Spanish)
V#$%**(the last name given to me by my mother

P.O.B:In my mother's womb in a hospital in the city of angels

AGE:old enough to yet young enough to live with my parents

ethnicity:Does it really matter

hair:black & blond = blonick

eyes:black as night

language:Spanish, English ,& some words in french,Italian &Japanese.

height:really tall

Weight:heavy but not fat

occupation:a very poetic poet who is a very shy person when it come to talking to girls

I am :Miguel Angel Rosales V#$%**

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