"Just Friends"

June 9, 2010
By XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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I can't breath,
I think about you all the time,
everyday and night,

Even whin I say I'm fine,
I'm actually not,
my heart is broken into pieces,

I know your my friend,
but I have feelings for you,
that is hidden,

its been way to long for me to let it out,
but i wish I've did it sooner,
then we would have been together,

but this sweet love that is killing me,
is what I can't take anymore,
for right now is what's meant to be,

but before I could say goodbye,
for now that you know I love you,
forever and always,

and the days we have spent together,
are now in my memories,
from where I will never forget,

we're together now,
and I know you'll never leave me,
my heart is now mended,

since we were best friends,
that I know you will never forget

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