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June 3, 2010
By Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
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In life we make decisions. Some bad and some good we all have a choice to do what is right but whether we choose the wrong or right that’s all up to yourself . We are people and we all make mistakes but in life that’s normal don’t think that much of it don’t second guess. Life doesn’t come with instructions it doesn’t tell you witch way to go. The paths you choose you decide on your own. It might be bad or bumpy as you go along but this isn’t meant to make you think you chose wrong. It’s to help you live and learn. To help you grow. In the end we never know if one decision has a bad outcome or a messed up twist. We all think different we all have different dreams. Some people choose not to live in reality they think nothing can go wrong and its hard to break down there walls to try to help and fix whatever is wrong, to help them live and go on. Sometimes life is so hard we put on an act and never move forward. And always look back finding hard to leave our past , but sadly eventually the truth catches up and bites you in the butt .its sad but at times that’s what makes them wake up, makes them see the way they live now will end in tragedy. Life messes with you in all sorts of ways we need to help each other out. Life is hard but if we stick together things will work out and slowly but surly
Most defiantly get better

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