"One Voice, One Love"

June 8, 2010
By amb2028 GOLD, Liberty, Missouri
amb2028 GOLD, Liberty, Missouri
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fingering the chords,
rhythm pours from his hands.
Music floods from the strings,
filling the room.
Eyes closed,
voice raised,
melody flows from his lips.
A humble voice,
with quiet strength,
full of heart and spirit.
Let your voice join.
The sound ebbs and moves,
sharing its force,
it carries us,
while calling us
to rise as one
and meet the dawn,
as one spirit,
one body,
one voice
to give the words life
and teach our hearts
to love better and stronger than before.

The author's comments:
Every Sunday morning, one of my very good friends plays the guitar and leads us in communal worship songs before Sunday school classes. While I was watching him play one morning I had a moment where I became very aware of how music affects our spirits and that's what I tried to capture with this poem.

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