what is love?

June 8, 2010
By Mckenzie nguyen BRONZE, RENTON, Washington
Mckenzie nguyen BRONZE, RENTON, Washington
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What is love?

Baby don't hurt me, I am not a toy
Love is a matter that has come up.
There are a lot of debates now a days.
From what I've seen. Love is rare now-a-day.
People are getting married for money.
For status, for parents. But not for them.
Why force someone Who they don’t care about.
3 words that people say with no meaning.
“ I love you” this is being thrown around.
Saying “ I love you “ to your friends is k.
Saying that word to whom you been dating,
For what? A week? 2? That to me is weak.
This word is thrown around and trample on.
But in reality this word, this word is strong,
“ I love you” has strength that nothing can beat.
Its not money, where you can buy things with.
Love isn’t something that can be bought with,
love is something you work for to achieve.
if you’re lucky you’ll find love at first site
Love is not a toy to mess around with.

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