June 8, 2010
By muggle BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
muggle BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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Drowning, trying to find breath,
Searching for that pocket of air.
The weight of water so heavy on my lungs
On my heart, on my soul.

I closed my eyes and try to imagine
Happy, more joyful times.
Attempting to think of something—
Anything to make this pain worthwhile.

I begin thrashing my arms and legs,
Not wanting to give up, to give in.
There is so much left to discover.
But Death’s hand seems inevitable.

In pursuit of a savior,
I look toward the radiant
Sun up above.
It seems so distant under this murky water.

I ask the Sun to shine
Just a bit brighter.
Maybe then I will find my way to the surface.
But the Sun does not seem to hear my plea.

Perhaps if I shout;
The Sun will heed my request.
I open my mouth to holler my prayer,
But just then the briny, mucky water
Fills my lungs.

Impossible to breathe,
Thoughts slipping from my mind
Why couldn’t the Sun shine for me?

But just then,
While sucking in my last breath
Of water,
I saw the brightest, most brilliant
Light I have ever seen.

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