It Only Hurts You

June 8, 2010
You know this feeling
I know you do
Everyone feels it
You do too

You feel so confused so lost
Like you are all alone in the world
Even when you are in a large crowd
It is like there is only you

And you see them walking there
Your friends, without you
You want to yell to them, say that you are sorry
But you and I both know they would walk away

What you did is unforgivable
What you said was in exchangeable
And you know that they were hurt
And you can’t replace their pain

Maybe if you could do it all over again
You would do it all different
Make the right choice this time
But you can’t

Now your new “friends” call to you
They tell you that it’s time
And when she holds out the pill
You don’t hesitate and walk away

You play this little game
To make them feel jealous that they lost you
But it only hurts you
That pill, it only hurts you

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