The End is Coming Near

June 8, 2010
The end is coming near
And we all have much to fear
Cuz I can feel the anger in the air
The tension is almost too much to bear

They will fight quite soon
This friendship circle will be in ruin
Cuz they fought once before
A battle without weapons and gore

We won’t take sides or choose between you
That my friends, is very true
We will stand on the outskirts of your war
We all know what you’re both fighting for

You will try to stay calm and keep the peace
But we all know what must happen for it all to seize
You need to talk and for real this time
Your lies and gossip aren’t worth a dime

I guess for now only time can tell
And we truly hope all turns out well
So we will be on the side, right here
Cuz the end is coming near

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