May 22, 2010
By SimoneK. SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
SimoneK. SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
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\"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds, the pessimist fears this is true\"-Caberto

Your life destroying scar will be
Carried on my world for as long as I exist.
Able to do anything, able to be anywhere,
You were here, your unearthly spirit robbing me of myself.
I was naïve and you knew it.

Your godly self saw my oceanic blue-green eyes
And saw an opportunity, not a beauty.
You weren’t one to not take a chance on a heart and
You stroked my golden wheat hair and
Kissed my volcanic red lips until I fell so deep inside of you.

Did you ever think you were being cruel by
Stripping me of everything I am?
When you left without a backward glance,
I threw myself into a hurricane of tears
And misunderstandings. It wasn’t real?

When I finished crying, I let myself dry up
Until my wounded core was no longer molten, but rock.
I let the blue skies, the sandy beaches, the evergreen of everything go. I let it all go,
Plunging myself into a famine, where I waited and starved for your essence
To return to my cracked and dying shell.

But in time I learned from the indescribable source
Called the Mind—a mind that I wish would steal away my heart—
That you were really gone, laughing with some other
In the depths of space that you had promised to take me to,
And were never coming back.

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