Vanilla Skylight Dreams

May 22, 2010
Alone in the grass
I lay here silently
the only noise is the rustle of pages
as they turn...

The wind is blowing
making my hair blow around me
making my hair cradle my face

The sun lathers my body
warmth glows over me
causing me to drift away...

Falling and tumbling
slipping into dreamland

I come to a door
marked with hopes and dreams.
I try with all my might
pushing and shoving,
and finally it cracks open.

Along my hopes,
my aspirations and things yet to come.

But within my dreams
there lies only one,
A face repeated over and over .
The one of my past,
the one of my future,
but always the name is you.
I reach out to touch
but the glass I stand upon
cracks and breaks
and I go falling downward.

I awake with a start
breathing hard, grasping the air to live.
My composure returns
and I take in my scenery,
and you stand there before me...

And I look upon you with
you are as precious to me
as Edgars love for Annabel Lee.

My dream is reality when I hold your hand,
and inhale heavens gift.

I dream of things I want and have,
holding one with me now...

Amazed and confronted
with things I have always wanted.
Creating love one day after another,
drifting in and out of consiousness,
always the face within my mind,
lifting doubts and obstacles out of the way,
and allowing me love and comfort
in a
life of

Vanilla Skylight Dreams

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miracle_of_hope said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 6:43 pm

h wow

i love the way this is written

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