That Day In May, Do You Remember?;

June 6, 2010
By Amandaaa BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
Amandaaa BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Never Let The People Who Ruined Your Life In The Past Ruin Your Future.

Can We Go Back To That Day In May? I've Spent 10 Months Loving You. You Showed Me What It Meant To Care For Someone. If I Ever Lost You I Didn't Know If There Could Be Another Just Like You. I Loved Everything About & I Still Do. Every Word You Say Amazes Me. So Lets Go Back To That Day In May, Where Everything Seemed To Be So Perfect With You Around. That Day In May Changed My Life. It Changed The Way I Saw The World. It's Been a Year & a Few Months Now & Since We've Gone Our Seperate Ways I've Seen The Way You Look At Her & To Be Honest With You It KILLS Me. I Can't Stand The Thought Of You Loving Anyone Else But Me. I Tell You When A Tear Falls From My Face & It Seems Like All You Care About Is Her. To Me It Seems Like That Day In May Means Absolutely NOTHING To You Anymore. You Give Hugs When I See You At School And I Cherish Those Moments; I Look Over Again & You're With Her. It Hurts To Know That The Smile On Your Face Is No Longer Because Of Me - Now Its All On Her. I LOVED That Day In May But Now I Dont Love It As Much I Used To & Its All Because Of The Thought Of You & Her Being Together…  

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