June 6, 2010
We can all relate the times
When we catch ourselves
Reminiscing the days.
The days when the most
Intimidating thing in life
Was the fear of the towering
Monkey bars.
The days when grown-ups
Would read us bedtime stories
As we gazed at the bright
We miss being excited
For the Saturday morning cartoons,
And helping Grandma bake
Delectable cookies.
We all remember the days when
Parents had the solution
To any dilemma,
Even if it came with a scolding.
We made our stuffed animals
Have conversations,
And constructed countless
Blanket forts.

Those were the days
That meant so much.
When time didn't matter.
But the today of today
Is shorter;
Crammed with other things to
Occupy our minds and
Steal away our memories,
Until time diminishes,
None of itself left to us
For reminicing.

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