Past Tense of love (LOVED)

June 6, 2010
By Rage97 GOLD, Hughesville, Maryland
Rage97 GOLD, Hughesville, Maryland
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I loved you with a love,
I never thought would fade,
I loved you with the truth,
And you spit in my face,
I loved you with dignity,
But you won’t strip me of my pride,
You said you loved me,
You said you cared,
And I loved you so much,
I believed you and your lies,
Never thinking twice,
Never taking your words
and weighing them,
You’ve used me for the last time,
No friend of mine,
I learned to say the word,
The word I never thought I would say,
Be able to say,
To you,
I loved you with my heart,
And you tore it out,
Handed it to me,
And expected me to go on,
You destroyed me,
I let you,
Because I loved you,
Loved, I LOVED you,
It’s hard to breath,
Knowing I’m not yours,
But it’s easier to walk,
It’s hard to hold my head up high,
But it’s easier to smile,
Though life is harder when your not here,
It’s not easier when you are,
I loved you,
I loved you more than…..
Wait, past tense of love is LOVED,
I deserve to be happy,
I deserve to smile,
Something you blinded me from,
But the key in this is,
Yes, I’ll be okay at the end of the day,
But most important was that I,
LOVED you,
Which is in the past tense.

The author's comments:
One day i woke up and i realized the pastense was no longer the present tense!!!!!

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