We Have a Meaning

June 5, 2010
By Skymo BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
Skymo BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
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I understand that we aren’t meant to live forever,
But some have the misfortune of not being able to live even a lifetime.
Some people have a feeling that something will happen soon,
If not today,
Then tomorrow.
Maybe they have some sort of gift, maybe it’s just a thought.
We are only human, nothing special about that.
We are just another organism living in a wide variation of matter and other substances.
Though we may believe we are just taking up space,
We have a meaning;
Either it’s proving a point,
Making a difference,
Or leaving this world with a goal fulfilled.
Life isn’t just useless.
Think of all the other galaxies,
Planets, and stars that are out there.
We happen to live on a planet with breathable air.
All the kings and queens that have passed,
The writers and artists,
Doctors and builders,
They’ve all left an impression.
Though you may feel useless at times,
Think of how many people have been in your life,
Either seen on the street or never heard of,
Having a name and being a living organism means something.
We all mean something.

The author's comments:
I began writing this in my school's writing club. It was an "in the moment" type of thing.

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