June 5, 2010
By thegirlwasarobot BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
thegirlwasarobot BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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i’d like not to be lonely
stop putting my brightness into
little boxes covered in cobwebs
or shoved into rusty paint cans
under the stairs, their lids
stuck together, forever shut

yes, i’d much rather
hold out my hands and
take command over the steps
up to the attic, the cupboard
under the stair, and release
everything out of their cages

and they’d all be under the sun
and i would feel the lightness
against my skin, sinking in,
bubbling up and exploding
outward against my hands
to beat back the nothing

that threatens to consume
everything everyday until
i can’t remember when
i last could feel the
shine under my skin
but now i know how

to be unlonely

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