a young girl's thoughts

May 22, 2010
By ThAtGuRl PLATINUM, Perris, California
ThAtGuRl PLATINUM, Perris, California
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i believe things happen for a reason.people change so you learn to let go,things go wrong so you can appreciate them when thier right.you believe lies so you learn to trust no one but urself and sumtimes good things fall apart so bttr things can 2gthr

tell me its not
a dream
tell me
its both of us
not just a make
believe story i see
tell me its more
then a fantazy
tell me its

such extra thought
to what might come along
u can promise but
i wanna see it be
not just words
but memberies
together forever
always and forever
then again it cood just end
dont let that be hold me tight
and we can see

The author's comments:
its a poem explaining a young girl believes shes in love and she wants to make sure her love feels the same about her.the young girl doesnt want to hear amways and forevr she wants to fell and see them last always and forever.

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